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MORN Plasma Cutting

 Plasma Cutting

1. Gantry Structure, X,Y Axis adopt Precise rack gear & Square Linear Guide way
2. Advanced Plasma-special START Control System, restore the function enable the machine stop running
automatically when power off, and then automatically resume to work when power on, and also can store the break point
which for later operation to start, with the function of anticipating the working time.
USB Interface can ensure process off-line of computer without occupying any resource.
3. The cutting accuracy reaches the excellent target for the cutting of Aluminum Sheet, Stainless Steel Plate, Titanium Plat
Copper Plate, Galvanized Sheet, Advertising with Luminous Three-Dimensional Characters and Metal Panel with T-shot.
The cutting incision is small, tidy and neat, with no burr, so that avoid the second process.
4. START control system, start pantograph, with the Pantograph, can adopt different degree on the materials well.
Applicable Scope
Iron sheet, Aluminum plate, Titanium Plate, Stainless Steel Plate, Galvanized sheet,
white Steel plate and other metal materials.