Chittolina family are started on 1955 and the technological researches and the toasting of the developed prototypes have brought definitely to the designing of new generation machines, with the intention of satisfying the actual and also the future market exigencies.

In 1993 was started the design, followed by the realisation and the testing of machine as designed in the convinction to have found sectors with a marketing trend of at least over twenty-five years of growing activity.
Therehence, in 1994 Multipress Srl was founded, also owned by the Chittolina family, to start the production of printing machines and respective equipments already designed with ten patents.

Multipress has therefore been established to face all the international technically increasing exigencies and concretise all the projects and all what studied to come to a perfectly adequate production, of printing machines with one and two central drums to obtain modular configuration, higher jobs changes and automations on the top.
In fact, about one hundred of these machines are now operating to our Italian and foreign customers’ full satisfaction.

The Multipress staff is composed of 25 qualified persons with a groing experience.

Our main suppliers are from Germany and technology is perfect.
Actually, we export to Europe, South America, Russia, Asia and Australia.