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UNIVERSAL CNC Working Center

Technical Data

No. 12 Vertical Drilling Spindles (from bottom) Drilling for hinges
Multiple drilling for shelves
No. 8 Horizonthal Drilling Spindles FRONTAL horizonthal drilling (dariarahdepan) 2spindles
Rear horizonthal drilling (dariarahbelakang) 2 spindles
Lateral drilling (darisampingkanan&kiri) 2+2 spindles
No. 1 Blade group for grooving (from bottom) Ø 100mm
No. 1 Routing head group (from bottom) 5.5 Kw, ISO 30, 12000/24000 rpm
No. 4 Tools Changer Magazine ISO 30 (from bottom)
Clamping system With DDT (Double Dynamic Transport)
Double "0" panel reference New generation laser to detect the beginning and the end of the piece
Panel Length 270 mm – eternity
Panel Width 150 mm - 2000 mm
Panel thickness 3 - 50 mm